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Balance board master class

Are you fond of extreme sports? The balance board is a basic simulator where surf training begins. Learn how to balance in different planes, perform tricks and learn how to use the balance board in your basic training.

More than 7000 students

Surfway Moscow surf school has been open since 2013. Thousands of our students have been catching unforgettable waves since then.

International certification

Our school was certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA). We also were trained for First Aid treatment and Rescue in Water.

7 years of successful teaching

Our knowledge, experience and techniques allow get our students ready for trips to the ocean in the shortest possible time.

Author’s methodology

We train and work on patented Japanese equipment. This approach to surf training has achieved exceptional results over the years of our work.

More than 50 surf-tours

Together with our students, we have traveled worldwide to Ireland, Peru, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Canary Islands, Morocco, the Republic of South Africa, Costa Rica, Portugal, Japan, and not forgetting Russia, where we have caught unforgettable waves.

Join our balance board master class, and you will:

  • Learn how to keep your balance while doing numerous exercises of different intensity
  • Protect yourself from injury
  • Learn how to perform spectacular tricks of different complexity
  • Prepare yourself for surfing
  • Have an exciting weekend
  • Get acquainted with new people fond of an active lifestyle

We guarantee that our training methods will give you so rapid progress that you could not even expect!


A balance board is an oval-shaped board which you place on top of a roller. Read More The main task is to maintain your balance on the board, first in a straightforward standing position, and then performing various movements and tricks. You will master the theory, the safety techniques and then proceed to practice.


You will find the ability to masterfully manage your body at the heart of all sports disciplines. Read More Muscles and joints must correctly interpret the signals received from the brain and translate them into necessary movements. In extreme sports, this may be further complicated by the fact that we have to deal with moving surfaces and complex coordination movements in different planes.


During extreme sports, large muscle groups are involved, Read More including stabilizer muscles, which help to maintain balance. It is important not only to be able to keep you balance in such situations, but also to be ready to perform physical actions and complex movements.

Balance boards for beginners

Two lessons

3 hours


Balance boards for continuing students (Level 1)

Two lessons

3 hours


Balance boards for continuing students (Level 2)

Two lessons

3 hours


Individual balance board master class

One lesson

1,5 hours


Upcoming workshops: OCTOBER 17-18, 2020.

Address: Moscow, 3rd Pavlovsky pereulok, 1.
Don't forget to bring the following to each class: light sportswear, sneakers and loads of enthusiasm!
You can order our professional extreme sports photographer services for training session or to order an individual photoshoot.

Balance board master class

Reviews of our club

Dmitriy Sudakov


Surfway Moscow, for me, is a tropical surf-island in the harsh reality of Moscow. Every time when I come to the ocean, I think that I should have trained more. I recall Surfway training in Moscow and I understand that, without them, I would have wasted my two-week vacation uselessly splashing in the foam, taking a picture with the surf board and then telling my friends that I am a surfer. =) Surfway Moscow always has an emotional and cheerful atmosphere. Great guys! Thank you for everything!

Karina Patakhova


Thanks to the entire Surfway Moscow team! I am always ready for a "line-up," even in Moscow. For anyone who wants to surf but is not ready to change their country of residence, I recommend training and getting ready for surfing in advance. In Moscow, this is possible in the Surfway Moscow surf-school.

Marina Khaikina


Recently, someone told me that being a surfer in Moscow is difficult and impossible. I had the same opinion until last year. It seems, it is not so. Surfway Moscow proved it. The guys love and cheer for their work, they widely spread their enthusiasm, and what is the most important, they train and teach something that seems impossible to do in city conditions - to surf. And you know, they're doing great.

Roma Shubin


I got to Surfway Moscow school on recommendation. I did not even think that I would really take to surfing, but the waves and atmosphere of the ocean soaked me into this hobby. When I had decided to keep my fit in Moscow, I seek help from Surfway Moscow. And here I believe, it is the coaching staff to become the main advantage for me. They make it possible to properly feel what surfing is. I attend training sessions at least two to three times a week. Although I not always do everything right away, the main thing is not to give up, and the school of professionals helps with it!

Roma Barabash


This is great project! As I understand, it's one of a kind in the Moscow region. We do boat wakesurfing, and took the course "Surfing preparation for beginners". We really liked it! Wakesurfing is a wonderful thing and great entertainment, as well as a very effective preparation for surfing. Everything is organized very well: training spaces are conveniently located, there is always a choice of place and time. Great team! Positive, open, enthusiastic people, who adore what they do. I recommend Surfway Moscow to everyone who plans to touch the magical world of surfing, and to everyone who has tried surfing and wants to reach a whole new level.

Alla Emelyanova


The guys from Surfway Moscow developed an excellent program that allows you to try your hand at mastering waves far from the ocean and regardless of your level of physical fitness. They treat their students with great attention and care and rejoice at students' successes as their own. In such an atmosphere, you learn quickly and easily. Training is very diverse, but at the same time, everything is aimed at acquiring the necessary skills for the ocean. For example, the technique of pop-up on a surfboard is first practiced on land and then trained in the pool. The guys were attentive to my back injury and helped find a way for me to take-off for surfing that was comfortable.

Olya Ershova


Good afternoon! I would like to express my gratitude to Surfway Moscow. In February, 2016, I came to Surfway for the "Surfing basics for beginners" BEST course. These were very informative, interesting, and productive two months of training, as a result of which I learned the basic rules of surfers' behavior on the "line-up," learned how to read forecasts, and how to determine the best time for a ride. I also mastered skate-surfing, and what is the most important, these courses helped me to catch my first wave during a trip together with Surfway Moscow to Vladivostok. I would also like to mention that Surfway is not just about fun trainings, it is also a team of about interesting, diverse, and fun people! Thanks to Surfway, especially to our teacher Denis Drogaykin, for excellent classes, new friends, and, of course, for the first wave! I am pleased to continue to take lessons with you!