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Freediving for surfers course

What's included:

  • High-quality training in accordance with the AIDA program, and surfing features;
  • Six classes with a total duration of 18 hours, including theoretical and practical part in the deep "Trud" swimming pool;
  • Equipment rental (swimming mask, belt, bulks, suit, flippers (fins), mat, boards, wetsuit);
  • Training material;
  • AIDA1 certificate "Introduction to freediving"

If you want to improve your breath retention abilities under water, and therefore, cope with the fear of staying under water for long periods of time, or want to go riding larger waves , then we are happy to invite you to a specially designed "Freediving course for surfers." Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will learn how to relax underwater, and you will learn de-concentration, slowing down the processes in the body, and therefore increasing your breath retention.

New course starts: MARCH 22, 2020.

VENUE: Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, 14, stroenie 1, "Trud" swimming pool.

Freediving for surfers course

6 lessons / 18 hours

Price: 20500

You can increase the effectiveness of the whole surf training process and achieve even better results through individual work with our professional dietitian. Get acquainted with the program on the following website: Individual programs with a dietitian.

More information by phone: +7 (964) 514-15-68 or info@surfway.ru

Freediving for surfers course