Our Team

Our team

Aloha! Surfway moscow team offers the following opportunities:

  • Undergo surf training course in Moscow for beginners and experienced surfers;
  • Go on surf trips to the most amazing places on the planet;
  • Learn about the best equipment for training and best boards for surfing out on the ocean;
  • Cheer yourself or your close friend with the surf-staff from latest collections;
  • Attend lectures dedicated to surfing, watching surf movies and videos;
  • Have fun at thematic surf parties;
  • Find new friends and contacts with people who also love the sound of the ocean, the taste of salty water, the adrenaline buzz and who can only think about when they are going to catch their next wave.

It doesn’t matter how far away the ocean is, you can still go surfing any time you want with Surfway Moscow. We are sure you understand what exactly what we are talking about! Surfers view the world differently.

We say: We live Surfway!

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to call:

+7 (964) 514 15 68


  • Year of foundation - 2013
  • Number of students - more than 7000
  • Number of organized group surf trips - 41
  • Number of people on surf trips - 532
  • Destinations to which we made the first group surf tours - Kamchatka, Vladivostok, Ireland, Japan, Peru, Mexico, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Teriberka
  • Number of instructors - 23
  • Average number of students per month - 330
  • Equipment - 43 surf boards
  • Number of types of surf-trainings - more than 20
  • Number of countries to which we organized surf tours - 14
  • Number of couples meat each other in Surfway - more than 15
  • Number of open events, lectures and meetings - more than 100

Surfing coaches:


The founder and the head of Surfway Moscow, its ideological inspirer, surf-coach certified by the ISA (International Association of Surfing). Denis has trained more than with 2000 students at all levels.


Artyom has surfed in 15 countries. He gained most of hi surfing experience while living in Indonesia and visiting the famous surfing spot in California called Trestles. Certified by the ISA (International surfing Association) as a surf instructor.
He has been working as a surf coach in Bali for the past seven years and became a Surfway Moscow coach in 2018.


Surf instructor. Lera has been surfing since 2013. She teaches all disciplines dedicated to surfing in our school and is very experienced in skateboarding. Lera also goes on surf trips around the world regularly with our pupils to catch new waves.


ISA surfing instructor of an international class. Artificial wave champion of Russia. Higher pedagogical education, specialization in physical culture, MGAFK. Swimming and special swimming coach. 7 years coaching experience. Master of Sports in water polo, champion of Europe, prize-winner in international competitions.


Surfer. Surf cubes, balance-boards, surf board paddle instructor.
Andrey has been surfing regularly since 2016, in at least five different countries. In total, he has visited more than 20 countries.
In addition to surfing, Andrey loves snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding. For many years he practiced JIU-jitsu, and became a junior champion in Moscow, Russia and Europe. He has been working as a coach at Surfway Moscow club for three years. In the pool, Andrey will help you with paddling techniques, and teach you the basic elements of surfing.


Surfer. A certified fitness and functional training coach ("Ucheniy fitness" lyceum, Fitness Standard consulting group). ISSA certification (International Sports Sciences Association): Trainers Guide to Diabetes type 1 and 2.
E-Certificates of University of Exeter, Monash University, Open University in the spheres of nutrition and genomic medicine. Surfing for over 12 years: surfing, wake-surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, flowboard. Skilled marathoner and trailrunner.


Alexandra has visited 15 countries and surfed in five of them. She has been surfing since 2013. In addition to surfing, Sasha is fond of snowboarding, longboarding and wakesurfing.
Alexandra has been working and teaching at the Surfway Moscow club since 2018, and loves his work. Alexandra is a nuclear chemist by profession, and can easily explain the physiology of the adrenaline rush from a successful ride on a wave.
"When I started, I had to learn a lot myself. My personal surf experience helped me to find an appropriate approach to students, and understand what one needs to learn in order to succeed, " she says.


A surfing champion born in Costa Rica. She surfed for the first time when she was just a child. Since then, she began to develop as a professional athlete and then as a coach. With over 15 years of teaching, Debbie has trained more than 6,000 people to surf.

Sports achievements:
2006, 2007, 2008 Vice-champion of surfing Costa Rica among juniors.
2006 Entered as one of the top 30 best female surfers at the World Surfing Games by the ISA Championship.
2007, 2008, 2009 Bronze medalist of the Costa Rica Women's Surf Championship.
2009 Vice-champion of Surfing Central America among women.

Debbie has vast experience with the best surf coaches in Costa Rica as part of the national surf team. She is a Certified Surf Instructor (ISA). Debbie puts a huge amount of energy, experience, and love into the education of each student.


First fell in love with surfing in Israel in 2017, then wintered in Sri Lanka to go surfing.
Rita also works as a fitness coach, and is a certified fitness instructor.
She realized there is not enough soul in fitness and became fond of surfing. Now surfing is a lifestyle for her wherever she is.

Swimming coaches:


Swimming coach. Sergey has taught a number of Master of Sports Candidates in swimming and a large number of top-rank sportsmen, using the most modern training techniques and technologies used in swimming.


Swimming coach. Candidate master of sports in swimming and water polo.
Seven years of surfing experience


Master of sports of Russia on swimming.

The repeated winner and prize-winner of the Championships and Superiority of Moscow, the participant of the Championships and Cups of Russia, the silver prize-winner of the Championship of Russia in relay swimming, the acting athlete, the triathlete.

• Winner AG IRONSTAR SOCHI 113 2019;
• Winner in the absolute Half-Oceanman Moscow 2019;
• Bronze medalist in the absolute Half-Oceanman Lago d 'Orta 2019;
• Repeated winner and prize-winner of the SwimCup swim series;
• Repeated winner and medalist of the IRONSTAR SWIMSTAR swim.


Experience as a swimming coach since 2016, early swimming since 2018.

FPA personal bodybuilding and fitness coach training.

The second adult swimming category, the winner and prize-winner in swimming competitions of the Masters category, in open water competitions, the record of Russia Masters in the mixed relay 4x100 krol. At the moment continues to train and speak at competitions.

Sup instructors:


SUP coach, yoga Ayengara trainer, presenter at conventions dedicated to aquafitness.


SUP coach, Master of Sports in canoe paddle, multiple award winner prize-winner of the Moscow and Russia championship.

Freediving coaches:


Master-trainer, a judge at international AIDA level on apneustic breath development. The Russian Cup champion in "Dynamic apnea without flippers (paddles)" discipline. Master of Sports in scuba diving. Doctor in Sports Medicine, sports physiologist.


AIDA international freediving instructor since 2009. Konstantin has been the only coach and instructor of AIDA in Russia since 2009. He has trained more than three hundred beginners and skilled freedivers in Russia and other countries, including more than ten AIDA Instructors since 2009.

Skateboarding instructors:


Teaching experience - 2.5 years
Denis started his coaching career because he likes to immerse people into the world of skateboarding.


Skateboard instructor. – 8 years’ coaching experience. Anton became the first Russian skateboarder who mastered Big Air. Anton has taught students in an age range of four years to 56 years old!


Skateboard instructor. 3 years’ coaching experience. Sergey began to teach skateboarding professionally to combine his hobby with work. He quickly finds common ground with children and adults.

Functional training coaches:


Coach of the World Fighting Martial Arts Academy.
Winner of a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Russian champion 2018 and European champion 2019 in Jiu-Jitsu.
Qualified fitness and bodybuilding coach.


Surf cross-fit and stretching coach. Candidate Master of Sports in powerlifting and winner of the Winter cup Geraklion in the non-professional category, 2014. Studied such additional disciplines as dietetics and myofascial release.

Social networks:


Anna is a professional copywriter for Surfway Moscow. A major portion of the content on our social networks has been created by her. She is unstoppably motivated and loves sharing our surfing news with you.
She also promotes the Surfway Moscow club brand on the network.
Anna has been working in our team since 2017. She's an experienced surfer, and is proud to have caught waves in Japan and Ireland.



Tanya has been working as an extreme sports photographer for the Surfway Moscow team since 2015. Her own surfing experience helps her to capture the best shots while you are catching a wave.

Tatiana is an experienced surfer, having visited more than 10 countries. Most of all she likes the waves of the Atlantic Ocean (Portugal).


Yaroslav is the videographer of the Surfway Moscow team, and has been working with us since 2018. He works on creative video content from your training sessions in the pool and from trips with Surfway Moscow around the world.

Yaroslav is a vivid example of how a passion for surfing can change your life and how you can make a hobby a real vocation. It all started with small videos and sketches for Instagram, continued with victory in the "RIP CURL EXTREME MARATHON» contest. After that, Yaroslav's life changed dramatically and he firmly embarked on the path of videographic art.

Yaroslav has been surfing since 2015.

Our certificates

Reviews of our club

Dmitriy Sudakov


Surfway Moscow, for me, is a tropical surf-island in the harsh reality of Moscow. Every time when I come to the ocean, I think that I should have trained more. I recall Surfway training in Moscow and I understand that, without them, I would have wasted my two-week vacation uselessly splashing in the foam, taking a picture with the surf board and then telling my friends that I am a surfer. =) Surfway Moscow always has an emotional and cheerful atmosphere. Great guys! Thank you for everything!

Karina Patakhova


Thanks to the entire Surfway Moscow team! I am always ready for a "line-up," even in Moscow. For anyone who wants to surf but is not ready to change their country of residence, I recommend training and getting ready for surfing in advance. In Moscow, this is possible in the Surfway Moscow surf-school.

Marina Khaikina


Recently, someone told me that being a surfer in Moscow is difficult to impossible. I had the same opinion until last year, when I learned that this is not so. Surfway Moscow proved it. The guys love and cheer for their work, they widely spread their enthusiasm, and most importantly, they train and teach something that seems impossible to do in city conditions - to surf. And you know, they’re doing great.

Roma Shubin


I got to Surfway Moscow surf school by recommendation. I myself did not think that I would really enjoy surfing, but the waves and atmosphere of the ocean plunged me into this hobby. When I decided to get fit in Moscow, I applied to Surfway Moscow, and here, for me, the main advantage was probably the coaching staff which makes it possible to properly feel what surfing is. I attend training sessions at least two to three times a week. Although it’s not always and immediately that everything works out for me, the main thing is to not give up, and the school of professionals will help with this!

Roma Barabash


This is great project! As I understand, it's one of a kind in the Moscow region. We do boat wakesurfing, and took the course "Surfing preparation for beginners". We really liked it! Wakesurfing is a wonderful thing and great entertainment, as well as a very effective preparation for surfing. Everything is organized very well: training spaces are conveniently located, there is always a choice of place and time. Great team! Positive, open, enthusiastic people, who adore what they do. I recommend Surfway Moscow to everyone who plans to touch the magical world of surfing, and to everyone who has tried surfing and wants to reach a whole new level.

Alla Emelyanova


The guys from Surfway Moscow developed an excellent program that allows you to try your hand at mastering waves far from the ocean and regardless of your level of physical fitness. They treat their students with great attention and care and rejoice at students' successes as their own. In such an atmosphere, you learn quickly and easily. Training is very diverse, but at the same time, everything is aimed at acquiring the necessary skills for the ocean. For example, the technique of pop-up on a surfboard is first practiced on land and then trained in the pool. The guys were attentive to my back injury and helped find a way for me to take-off for surfing that was comfortable.

Olya Ershova


Good afternoon! I would like to express my gratitude to Surfway Moscow. In February, 2016, I came to Surfway for the "Surfing basics for beginners" course. This course consisted of a very informative, interesting, and productive two months of training, as a result of which I learned the basic rules of surfers' behavior on the “line-up,” learned how to read forecasts, and how to determine the best time for a ride. I also mastered skate-surfing, and most importantly these courses helped me to catch my first wave during a trip together with Surfway Moscow to Vladivostok. I would also like to note that Surfway is not just about fun trainings, it is also about interesting, diverse, and fun people and team! Thanks to Surfway, especially to our teacher Denis Drogaykin, for excellent classes, new friends, and, of course, for the first wave! I am pleased to continue to take lessons with you!

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