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Surf tour to Bali (autumn 2020)

Surfing in the Indian Ocean
Wonderful climate and nature, long waves, delicious Indonesian food, tropical fruit, breathtaking adventure, friendly Surfway Moscow team!

Surfway Moscow surf club has been open since 2013 with more than 40 successful surf tours around the world and Russia having been organized.

Here’re some of the countries we have visited for surfing and adventures: Ireland, Peru, Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Canary Islands, Morocco, South Africa, Costa Rica, Portugal, Japan and Russia of course.

More than 500 people have joined our trips and got maximum of pleasure from riding the waves and discovering unique places on our planet during the seven years of our operations.

Only professional coaches work in our team, who have a great deal of experience in teaching surfing and other disciplines to people of varying experience and skill levels.

Surf training, various excursion programs, together with enjoying the company of like-minded go together in our tours.

You will find classic surfing destinations tours in our travel program, as well as exclusive tours to the places where we are the only organizers to arrange trips.

Come with us to Bali and you will:

  • visit the most famous surfing spot on the planet on Bali island in Indonesia;
  • combine relaxation in delightful company with the most emotionally fulfilling sport - surfing;
  • live in one of the best regions of Bali - Canggu, where there are the best waves on the island, and not as crowded as in Kuta;
  • get great pleasure from surfing and progress in mini-groups, where maximum attention is paid to each student;
  • Taste famous Indonesian cuisine and fresh seafood;
  • Enjoy living in a cozy hotel with beautiful views, a private pool, and the opportunity to watch the sunset on the roof, and all this is within walking distance from the ocean;
  • meet like-minded people who are just as active and eager to live a vibrant and emotional life;
  • completely immerse yourself in surfing and ride the long waves of Canggu, leaving behind all your worries and problems in noisy Moscow;
  • spend time in a corner of the planet where everything is full of greenery and tropical nature, where there are many plants, interesting birds and animals;
  • visit the “cultural capital” of Bali - Ubud, as well as visiting the famous temples and cliffs of Uluwatu in the south of the island;
  • delight yourself and your loved ones with colorful photos and videos from the trip;
  • get into great physical and emotional shape;
  • We will take care of the organization of the whole process, so you will not need to worry about anything.

Approaching 70% of participants who travel with us say that it was the best trip of their life!

Experience of our surf instructors:
  1. Our instructors have long experience of surfing waves;
  2. We are constantly developing and improving teaching skills, we complete regular training;
  3. The aim of surfing lessons on trips is the maximum progress of students;
  4. Depending on the surfing level and experience we recommend the most comfortable and safe waves;
  5. We exploit actively post-surfing analysis using photos/video;
  6. We provide individual approach to everyone; we supervise throughout a tour;
  7. We combine training on water with analysis and setting of surfing technique on land.
Unique program:
  1. We find for you the best waves worldwide, considering seasonality, crowds on spots and forecasts in each location;
  2. All trips are thoroughly worked out in advance involving both own team and foreign surf experts;
  3. Tours’ programs combine optimally surfing and a wide range of excursions;
  4. Our assortment contains classical directions as well as unique author's expeditions to the most extraordinary and interesting corners of our planet;
  5. We pay special attention to photos/video shooting on trips. Operators work from land, air and water. Colorful video and picture albums are created from the trips;
  6. Travel programs are harmoniously complemented with sets of exercises on the land for stretching and restoration after physical load on the ocean, as well as

Surf tours with Surfway Moscow club are available for everyone!

14 days / 13 nights
The trip package (cost - €1140 - without flights, breakfasts included) includes:
  • 14 days / 13 nights in a 3* hotel in Canggu (Batu Balong) within walking distance from the ocean
  • Breakfasts daily
  • 8 days of surfing (surf lessons and free surf sessions)
  • Training in mini-groups of 3 people with certified surfing instructors
  • Supervised by the team from Surfway Moscow to achieve maximum results on the trip
  • Rental of surfing equipment
  • Transfers to various surfing spots along the coast
  • Mistakes analysis based on captured photo / video material
  • 2 excursion days (rice terraces, temples, and a monkey forest in Ubud, as well as temples and rocks in Uluwatu)
  • Transfers from / to the airport by comfortable bus
  • Photos / videos from the trip
  • Limited Edition Gift T-shirt
Separately paid:
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Flight to Denpasar, Bali, and back (when buying a tour you will have access to chat, where you can team up with other participants and buy a ticket for one flight)

Photo of accommodation

Holiday dates:

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Package price:

€1140 - without flights, breakfasts included

Take a surf training course before our trip

You can also download the surf tour program

Surf tour to Bali (autumn 2020)

Reviews of our club

Kate Beteeva


My love for Surfway Moscow started when I came to the course for novice riders and prepared for my first trip to conquer the waves! Then I decided to go to Sri Lanka with Surfway, and the trip was unforgettable! Everything was super: a very good organization, everything was thought out to the smallest detail. In addition to surfing, I got a very rich and interesting excursion program, super film from the trip, professionally-made beautiful photos, and most importantly--I made new friends! Very warm, friendly atmosphere! After such a trip, I finally fell in love with surfing, for which I owe special thanks to Surfway ❤. Now I am training with Surfway in classes for experienced riders, and I look forward to a new trip to Costa Rica

Katya Kuznetsova


Surway Moscow is a team of super professionals who are “sick” with their job and prove that you can be a surfer everywhere and always. These guys are always full of new ideas and you always want to experiment with them. It is also like a magic box with incredible surf trips to the most amazing places on our planet. Traveling with them is always fun, and they support their customers in all matters. Each trip is a super-cocktail of surfing and an opportunity to see interesting places and try other activities. I am very grateful for the fact that they appeared in my life. They make my life more amazing, brighter, and more interesting. There are practically no people like their team, and it creates great happiness to have such responsive, kind, understanding, and sensitive people around you.

Yura Kirpichev


Surfway Moscow is a club that unites the same people who went crazy about surfing and active lifestyle as I did. Thanks to Surfway, I met a huge number of people, many of whom became my good friends. At the screenings of films from the surf trips, it is always great to see yourself as a participant in a real surf film about surf adventures in the most beautiful corners of our planet.

Sergey Sgibnev


If you have long wanted to go on a trip and try surfing on the ocean, but you have always been thwarted by some circumstances or changed plans, the Surfway Moscow club will help you to realize such a trip. With their great programs and planning of the trip, you will finally be helped to get out of the comfort zone and experience the joys of paddling, surfing, and adventure as you listen to the sound of upcoming waves. You will ride with a backdrop of wonderful landscapes and enjoy interesting views and the special touch of various exotic places. After such sometimes difficult but exciting trips, you definitely can’t remain indifferent :)